Prep your vehicle for winter driving today

Winter weather can creep up at any time and really make going about your everyday routine tough and possibly dangerous. That's why Koons Sterling Ford is here to help you prep your vehicle for driving in the winter months.


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We've got our trusted and reputable onsite service center ready to cater to all your winter driving needs. We can install new snow tires, check your heating system, test your battery, replenish any fluids, especially your antifreeze and wiper fluid along with installing new windshield wipers and more. We want to make sure your vehicle is in great shape to hit the road and that you feel ready for whatever Mother Nature sends our way this season.

Whatever your needs may be, whether it's a basic service or something more like a pressing repair, we're here to take care of it with expert skill. We can make sure your vehicle is running smoothly and totally ready to take on any kind of weather that arises in a moment's notice.

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