A Ford EcoSport to Provide You with a Game-Changing SUV, Right Here in Sterling!

The 2018 Ford EcoSport is definitely changing the way we look at the modern sport utility vehicle. Whereas, this type of driving machine was once associated with gas-guzzling, impractical behemoths, the Ford EcoSport is a smaller class of SUV that's designed to boost efficiency and practicality. Whether you're taking a trip out to Manassas to soak up the history at Manassas National Battlefield Park or just looking for something to spice up your morning commute, the Ford EcoSport gives you a lot more than the average SUV can for a lot less. So, let's show you all of the best qualities of this excellent small SUV by comparing it side-by-side against two other well-known competing SUVs of its class: the 2018 Chevrolet Trax and the 2018 Honda CR-V. We are Koons Sterling Ford and we're conveniently located at 46869 Harry Byrd Highway in Sterling, VA!


The Ford EcoSport vs The Chevrolet Trax

We begin our comparisons with a look at the Chevrolet Trax. While Chevy is one brand that's known for bringing some rugged and "macho" cars to the public, you'll find that many of their models are lacking in practicality. The Chevy Trax is, unfortunately, no exception and lacks a lot of the efficiency, space and affordability that the Ford EcoSport is so well-known for.

  • All vehicles begin at a fixed point given by the original manufacturer, known as a "manufacturer-suggested retail price" or MSRP. The MSRP of the Ford EcoSport begins at $19,495, with a lot more wiggle room thanks to the sales offers here at Koons Sterling Ford. The Chevy Trax begins at $21,000, which is over $1,500 more than the MSRP of the Ford EcoSport.
  • Given its name, it stands to reason that the Ford EcoSport has a bit more fuel efficiency to offer over the Chevrolet Trax and gains almost 30 miles to the gallon in the city. Whereas, the Chevy Trax gains about 25 miles to the gallon in the city.
  • The Ford EcoSport is the better choice for travelling, whether you're visiting in-laws in Fairfax or taking a drive across country as this SUV has about 21 cubic of cargo volume behind the second row and a total of 50 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the first row. Whereas the Chevrolet Trax features about 18.7 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the second row and about 48 cubic feet of cargo volume in total behind the first row.
  • A big contributing factor to fuel efficiency is the type of wheels on the SUV, which can ultimately save fuel in the long run by reducing the weight drag of the vehicle as a whole. The Ford EcoSport features the much more lightweight aluminum alloy wheels whereas the Chevrolet Trax features steel wheels.

The Ford EcoSport vs The Honda HR-V

Next up is the 2018 Honda HR-V, which definitely provides much more of a worthy challenge to the performance of the Ford EcoSport. Honda models are well-known for their efficiency and wide range of technological features, the HR-V is definitely no exception. However, it still falls short of the Ford EcoSport in one of these crucial categories while also falling short in a number of other important aspects.

  • Much like the Chevy Trax, the Honda HR-V gains an EPA-estimated 25 miles per gallon in the city with a fuel capacity of 13.2 gallons, whereas the Ford EcoSport gains an EPA estimated 29 miles per gallon in the city with about a 14-gallon fuel capacity, whereas the. If you frequently commute to places such as Chantilly or Herndon, you'll see how much money this will save at the pump in the long run.
  • Despite their statuses as small SUVs, the Ford EcoSport does, in fact, have a lot more capability than you'll find on models like the Honda HR-V and features a 1,400-pound towing capacity as well as a 2,000-poind towing capacity in it's all-wheel drive model. This is about enough to tow small towable campers as well as smaller U-Haul cargo trailers. The Honda HR-V has no listed towing capacity and is generally not recommended for towing.
  • The engine of the Ford EcoSport is paired with a six-speed SelectShift® Automatic Transmission, which is considerably easier to operate than the six-speed manual transmission of the Honda HR-V.
  • Finally, the engine of the Ford EcoSport has a bit more powertrain to offer, in addition to its fuel efficiency, and features a turbocharger for a premium boost to your engine as you drive in and our of Ashburn and beyond.


A Ford EcoSport to Help You Thrive!

Have we convicted you of all that the Ford EcoSport can do to benefit you and your next journey? Then, you ought to come on down to Koons Sterling Ford and see all that this exceptional small SUV can do for you by scheduling a test drive today! Our sales team can help you out with scheduling a test drive and they can be reached at (800) 796-2075. See you soon!